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  Two generals survive helicopter crash in Ladakh amid high accident rate in armed forces   在武装部队事故高发的拉达克中,两名将军在一起直升飞机事故中幸存   NEW DELHI: Two Army generals and two other officers had a narrow escape when their Dhruv advanced light helicopter (ALH) crashed almost immediately after taking off in eastern Ladakh on Tuesday afternoon, once again underlining the high crash rate of fighters, aircraft and choppers in the Indian armed forces.   新德里:周二下午,当他们的Dhruv高级轻型直升机(ALH)在东部拉达克起飞后坠毁,两名陆军将军和另外两名军官的死里逃生,再次验证了印度武装部队的战斗机、飞机和直升机的高坠落率。   Though the court of inquiry ordered into the incident will establish the exact reason for the crash, sources said pilots reported "loss of the right rudder (which controls the tail rotor) " soon after getting airborne. "Such things happen in super high-altitude regions because helicopters operate at the very limits of their design and flight envelope. Even a sudden gust of wind can change the entire equation," said a military pilot.   尽管法庭对这起事故进行了调查,据知情人士透露,飞行员报告说升空不久后;尾桨失去控制。一位军事飞行员说,;这样的事情发生在超高海拔地区,因为直升机在设计和飞行的极限上飞行。即使是突起的一阵风也能造成事故。   While military aviation is certainly inherently dangerous, it's also true that a high crash rate continues to dog the armed forces. Just since 2011, the three Services have lost over 50 aircraft and 22 helicopters have been lost in crashes, in which at least 85 people have been killed.   虽然军用航空很危险,但高速成率继续给武装部队造成困扰也是事实。自2011年以来,这三家航空公司已经损失了50架飞机,22架直升机在空难中丧生,至少85人丧生。   Incidentally, Army chief General Bipin Rawat had himself emerged unscathed when his single-engine Cheetah helicopter had crashed immediately after taking off from a helipad in Nagaland in February 2015. The Army generally does not allow two generals from travelling together in a single-engine helicopter in high-altitude areas.   顺便一提,2015年2月,印度陆军参谋长比平·拉瓦特在印度东北部那加兰邦乘坐单引擎;印度豹直升机失事,拉瓦特毫发无损。陆军一般不允许两名将军乘坐一架单引擎直升机在高海拔地区旅行。   The armed forces, on one hand, are making do with the virtually obsolete single-engine Cheetah/Chetak light utility helicopters because of the failure of successive governments to take decisions in time, defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd's tardy performance and, of course, recurring corruption scandals in defence deals.   一方面,因为连续几届政府未能及时作出决定,国防PSU印度斯坦航空有限公司的拖延,当然还有在国防交易中反复出现的腐败丑闻,武装部队将就使用过时的单引擎印度豹(Cheetah / Chetak)轻型通用直升机。   On the other, the twin-engine Dhruv helicopters manufactured by HAL have also come under the scanner due to frequent crashes, with the Army alone recording at least 20 accidents since 2002. The armed forces have inducted over 200 Dhruvs since 2002 but the entire fleet has been grounded a few times due to technical snags in the past, which included being found unsuitable for multi-role requirements due to excess weight and limited engine power.   另一方面,由HAL制造的双引擎直升飞机Dhruv也由于频繁的撞击而被调查,自2002年以来,仅军队记录至少有20起事故。自2002年以来,武装部队已经引进了200多架Dhruv,但由于过去的技术障碍,其中包括由于重量过重、发动机功率有限等不符合多功能需求,整个舰队已经停飞了几次。   Incidentally,HAL inked yet another contract for 40 additional Dhruvs for the Army and one for the Navy for around Rs 6,100 crore on Monday. This came soon after another deal for 32 Dhruvs for the Navy and Coast Guard was inked with HAL in March.   印度斯坦航空有限公司( HAL) 又签下了另一份合同,为陆军和海军增添40架Dhruvs,其中一架约6100千万卢比给海军。之后不久的三月份,海军和海岸警卫队的与HAL签订了32架Dhruv的合同。   【印度网友评论】   Aam Aadmi-??-???-4 days ago   We support Kashmir. Also well wishes for Indian Army Jawans hope they are in good health.   我们支持克什米尔。也希望印度军方身体健康。   W B New-India-4 days ago   Concentrate more on quality rather than giving fancy names.   专注于质量而不是花哨的名字。   Hello-4 days ago   3 years on and we still facing this problem . thank you modi ji you are so kind just like congress, another reason for me to not vote in 2019 elections. glad to hear my brothers are safe   3年过去了,我们还面临这个问题。谢谢你莫迪,你就像国大党一样,是我在2019年选举中没有投票的另一个理由。很高兴听到我的兄弟们平安无事。   Santimay Basu-New Delhi-4 days ago   It is heartening to learn that all those in the chopper are safe. Helicopters can be again purchased, but life of the army men are invaluable.   直升机上的人安全就好。直升飞机可以再次购买,但是军人的生命是无价的。   Ravi Patankar-4 days ago   Rather than forcibly going for make in India...we should learn from China...they manufacture their choppers , fighter planes which are safer than Indian stuff. They do reverse engineering on foreign machines without much imported parts yet produce better machines than us. .Scrap DRDO and HAL...privatise our defense industry ..till then import good planes and choppers...dont play with tge lives of our Jawaans.   比起强行印度制造,我们应该向优发优发国际学习,他们制造的直升机、战斗机都比印度的安全。他们在外国机器上做逆向工程,没有太多的进口部件,但生产的机器比我们好。放弃DRDO和HAL,私有化我们的国防工业,直到进口好的飞机和直升飞机为止。   Sunil Jaijawan Jaikisan-Bangalore-4 days ago   once army gets apaches this sector crash rate will come down   一旦军队获得阿帕奇直升机,事故率就会下降了。   Mrinal-4 days ago   There might be major flaws in Indian made hepter as very frequently these flying machines met with fatal accidents. Thankfully this time there is no loss of human lifes.   印度制造的飞机可能有很大缺陷,因为致命的飞行事故太多了。幸好这次没有人员死亡。   Catindia-4 days ago   Thank God. God is greattt. We can get new chopper, not generals and our soldiers.   感谢上帝。我们可以得到新的直升机,而不是将军和士兵。   American Modi member-Weehawken NJ, USA-4 days ago   It will be better if india buys choppers from the US cause indian quality sucks   如果印度从美国购买直升飞机会更好,因为印度的质量很糟糕了。   guru-WORLDWIDE-4 days ago   Indian army holds the record for crashing more aircraft/ helicopters in the world   印度军队保持了世界更多飞机或直升机坠毁的记录   Amrik Singh-4 days ago   Quality and inequality - Two enemies of India that are hard to overcome   质量和不平等——印度的这两个敌人很难克服。   Rama Murti Paluri-4 days ago   If I recall there was a plane accident in the North-East in which few top army commanders died. The then government government stipulated a cluster of senior commanders travel at the same time. In this incident fortunately there were no causalities.   我记得东北部发生了一起飞机事故,几个高级军官死了。当时政府对高级指挥官同时出行做出了规定。幸运的是,这俩件事没什么因果关系。   Sandas-4 days ago   why is it always Indian fighter planes and helicopters crash more often   为什么印度的直升机和战斗机经常坠毁?   Ivan Bigger-Trump Manor-4 days ago   Time to retire these dhruvs...

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