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  阿富汗首都卡布尔:周三,一名美国指挥官为在阿富汗被认为冒犯伊斯兰教的传单道歉。美国网友:由于特朗普政府的无知,在这样糟糕的风险中不应该派遣美国军队。他们是不幸的,而且更糟的就要来临了。   Taliban claims revenge for "highlyoffensive" U.S. military leaflet   塔利班声称会对美国军事传单的“严重冒犯”进行报复KABUL, Afghanistan -- A U.S. commander onWednesday apologized for leaflets dropped in Afghanistan that were deemedoffensive to Islam.   阿富汗首都卡布尔:周三,一名美国指挥官为在阿富汗被认为冒犯伊斯兰教的传单道歉。   The leaflets dropped Monday night, whichencouraged Afghans to cooperate with security forces, included an image of adog carrying the Taliban flag, said Shah Wali Shahid, the deputy governor ofParwan province. The flag has Islamic verses inscribed on it, and dogs are seenas unclean in much of the Muslim world.   据帕尔旺省副省长沙哈瓦利·沙希德描述,这份传单在周一被发放,以鼓励阿富汗居民配合安全部队。传单内容包含了一只狗带着塔利班的旗帜。旗帜上刻有伊斯兰教经文,而狗在穆斯林世界中被认为是不洁之物。   "Local people are very upset with thisincident, and they want the perpetrators brought to justice," Shahid said,adding that demonstrations were expected across the province.   “当地居民对此次事件感到非常失望,他们希望能将犯罪者绳之以法”Shahid说到,并补充说预计全省都会有示威活动。   Maj. Gen. James Linder apologized,acknowledging in a statement that "the design of the leaflets mistakenlycontained an image highly offensive to both Muslims and the religion ofIslam." He offered his "sincerest apologies for this error."   詹姆斯·林德少校为此道歉,并在一分申明中承认“传单的设计错误的包含了严重冒犯穆斯林和伊斯兰教的形象。” 他对这一错误表示“最真诚的道歉”。   Throughout the 16-year Afghan war, U.S.forces have struggled to convince ordinary Afghans to help them defeat theTaliban. Afghanistan is a deeply conservative country, and alleged blasphemyhas sparked riots.   经过16年的阿富汗战争,美军仍在努力说服阿富汗当地居民帮助他们击败塔利班。阿富汗是一个极度保守的国家,而所谓的亵渎已经引发了骚乱。   Seizing upon the opportunity cast the U.S.invasion and ongoing military deployment in Afghanistan as an attack on Islam,a Taliban Twitter account on Wednesday pointed to the leaflet as evidence that,"American invaders are the enemies of our religion."   星期三,塔利班抓住机会,其一个推特账号将美国的入侵和正在阿富汗的军事部署作为对伊斯兰的攻击,将传单作为是“美国侵略者是我们宗教的敌人”的证据。   "Now you must have realized that theMujahideen (Taliban) are protecting our faith and the country," the tweetsaid.   推特写到“现在你们必须意识到圣战者才是保护我们信念和国家的那个”。   Several hours later, a man on a motorcycleblew himself up in front of Bagram Airbase, the largest U.S. military base inAfghanistan, injuring four people, according to local officials. Bagramdistrict chief Abdul Shukor Qudos told CBS News no U.S. forces were killed orinjured in the blast.   几小时后,据当地官员称,一骑摩托车男子在美军在阿富汗最大的军事基地巴格拉姆空军基地前自爆,4人受伤。巴格拉姆地区首席长官阿卜杜勒·舒科尔·古多斯告诉CBS新闻,没有美军士兵在此次爆炸中受伤或者死亡。   The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility ina statement, saying the attack was retaliation for the leaflets dropped by U.S.forces in Parwan province.   塔利班组织很快在一份声明中声称,说这次袭击是为了报复美国部队在帕尔万省的传单。   Wahida Shakar, the spokesperson for theregional government in Parwan, cited the U.S. military's apology and said therewas no public protest "planned" as a response. It was unclear whetherIslamic hardliners in the region, and elsewhere in Afghanistan, would take tothe streets to show their discontent.   帕尔万当地政府发言人瓦希达·沙卡尔引用了美军的道歉,并表示没有公开抗议计划活动作为回应。尚不清楚当地以及阿富汗其他地区的伊斯兰强硬派是否会上街抗议。   【以下是评论部份】   McCalis ? a minute ago   Ah...well, You know, theTaliban are no different than The Saudis or ISIS... they all have religiouspolice that go around and make sure women don't show their hair or ankles...That we fight for one group over the other makes no sense.   Be wary when the empire startswith the narrative of our enemies being crazy...even if it's true...which wecan't know...but even if it were, it's true about the entire middle east. Thetaliban do nothing any worse than the Sauds.   They let stories like thisout, to beat the war drums. Not to educate or inform   嗯,你懂的,塔利班和沙特人以及ISIS是不同的。。。他们到处都有着宗教警察,然后保证女人没有展示她们的头发和踝部。。。我们为了一团体和另一个团体作战是毫无意义的。   要谨慎,当国家开始说我们敌人疯狂的故事的时候。。。即使那是事实(我们也不知道是不是)。。。但就算是这样,整个中东都这样。塔利班也不会比沙特更糟糕。   他们故意让故事像这样被传出,然后打响战鼓。别去教育或者通告别人。   Adingoatemybaby ? 5 minutes ago   So a leaflet is "highlyoffensive" but a suicide bomb isn't? Hey Taliban, how about respondingwith your own leaflet, or can't you read and write?   所以传单是“严重冒犯”,但自杀炸弹不是?嘿,塔利班的伙计,为什么用这种方式回应?难道你们不能读写?   McCalis @Adingoatemybaby ? in a minute   The point of this story is to anger theAmerican people and to create support for the war. Some guys sat around tableand wondered how to do that, and this is what they came up with.   这篇故事的目的是为了激怒美国人然后造就对战争的支持。一些家伙围在桌子旁想着怎么做到,而这就是他们想到的办法。   McCalis @Adingoatemybaby ? in a minute   The point of this story is to anger theAmerican people and to create support for the war. Some guys sat around tableand wondered how to do that, and this is what they came up with.   狗也发表了一份申明反对相关的负面联系。   Roger the Dog ? 7 minutes ago   Everyone's so easily offended these days.   现在人火气真大   ANCHORS AWEIGH ? 20 minutes ago   Just give Wali Shahid 100 bucks and the"offense" will miraculously go away. The Taliban is upsetover a flyer but these are the same azzholes that pour chemicals on littlegirls faces to punish them for attempting to get an education. Nothinghas changed since my deployment years ago.   只需要给瓦利·沙希德100块,这“冒犯”就神奇的没了。塔利班这群混蛋对传单不满,他们可是为了惩罚女孩接受教育,而把化学物质倒在她们脸上的啊。自我多年前调度后,那里没有任何事情改变。   Snowflake_Melter  @ANCHORS AWEIGH ? 18 minutes ago   I'd rather live in a country full of dogsthan a country full of 7th century throwbacks. Dogs are much more evolved andcivil.   我宁愿生活在一个充满狗狗的国家里,也不要在一群7世纪的老古板一起生活。狗狗都是开化且文明的。   ptrash13 ? 24 minutes ago   Time to come home. Anyone with a historybook that can read knows these people love to fight each other and have forcenturies longer then the US has existed and will for centuries long after theUS is gone. It's what they do and no amount of crying on our part will stop it.   是时候回家了。任何一个学过历史的人都知道这帮家伙喜欢互相争斗已经好几个世纪了,这比美国历史还长,而且在美国消失很久后还会继续。这就是他们做的,我们就算跪着哭求都没法阻止他们。   dman6015 ? 33 minutes ago   Stupidity on the part of some bureaucratsomewhere ends up costing lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.Haven't they gotten it through their heads yet that Muslims are highly offendedby many things, especially imagery??? Some sensitivity can save a soldier'slife.   一些官僚的愚蠢行为最终导致了阿富汗和世界其他地方的损失。难道他们还没搞清楚穆斯林对很多事物都觉得受到冒犯?尤其是一些形象化的东西。少点敏感的东西可以挽救一个士兵的命。   dodiny ? 39 minutes ago   C'mon - Don't they runthis stuff past anybody first - something so seemingly small from ourperspective can put the efforts to get locals to cooperate way back. it hasbeen said time and time again the only way to solve this thing is to win heartsand minds and let them know we are not fighting islam, we are fighting the extremists.   拜托,别让他们先把这东西弄过去。从我们的角度看,这些小事是能够促进当地人之间的合作。早就一次又一次说过,唯一的办法解决这些问题就是得到赢得民心,让他们知道我们不是和伊斯兰教作对,我们是在和极端分子作战。   NoIvoryTowers ? 42 minutes ago   if there's a bad situation, the trump adminwill always find a way to make it worse.   it's not only their collective ignorance,but also their absolute arrogance.   在一个坏的环境中,特朗普的管理总能发现一种办法让事情变得更糟。   这不仅仅是他们团队的无知,也是他们完全的自大。   Fares002 @NoIvoryTowers ? 34 minutes ago   Since everything bad that happens in theworld is Trump's fault. Let's blame Trump for causing Hurricane Irma whileyou're at it.   因为世界上发生的一切坏事都是特朗普的错,所以让我们一起指责特朗普搞出个飓风“艾玛”。   BLüêDEVILDOG:~ ? an hour ago   Pfft... When aren't they offended?   我呸。。。他们什么时候不被冒犯?   NoIvoryTowers  @BLüêDEVILDOG:~ ? 42 minutes ago   no american troops should be put at worserisk because of trump admin ignorance. sadly, they are, and worse is coming.   由于特朗普政府的无知,在这样糟糕的风险中不应该派遣美国军队。他们是不幸的,而且更糟的就要来临了。   Snowflake_Melter  @NoIvoryTowers ? 22 minutes ago   You are right. The military needs to bepulled out of throwback country.   你是对的。军队需要离开这个老古板国家。   Fares002 @NoIvoryTowers ? 34 minutes ago   Obama had 8 years to pull them out....   奥观海花了8年去撤离军队。。。   NJustice4Oil ? an hour ago   When is President Trump adopting a puppy?   Every one of our presidents had dogs attheir side.   "Raghead" sounds like a prettycool name for a puppy.   特朗普啥时候养了一只小狗?   我们每个总统都有一只狗在他旁边。   “Raghead”听起来对于一只小狗是非常酷的名字。   HKP2000 @NJustice4Oil ? 7 minutes ago   Muhammad would be a great name for a WhiteHouse dog   穆罕穆德对于白宫狗来说是个非常棒的名字。   skibolts @NJustice4Oil ? 12 minutes ago   James Madison, Andrew Jackson,Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, MillardFillmore, Andrew Johnson and William McKinley.   None had dogs.   詹姆斯·麦迪逊,安德鲁·杰克逊,马丁·范布伦,威廉·亨利·哈里森,詹姆斯·波尔克,扎克里·泰勒,米拉德·费尔摩尔,安德鲁·约翰逊和威廉·麦金利。他们都没有狗。   keote_poet  @NJustice4Oil ? 41 minutes ago   Steve Bannon went astray...   史蒂夫·班农迷路了。。。   shimanoracer  @NJustice4Oil ? an hour ago   He has...BARON   他有BARON(可能是狗名)   NoIvoryTowers  @shimanoracer ? 42 minutes ago   i was going to say tiffany. she might bethe smart one, steering clear.   我要说的是蒂芙尼。她可能是一个聪明的人,直接回避了。   fredzach @carlteck ? an hour ago   Our message needs an adjustment tosomething these people can respect. "Don't make us come back. We willpreemptively defend our right to exist on earth by bringing the battle to youat anytime of our choosing. Keep your nose clean or beprepared for for Afghanistan and Pakistan to belong to India."   我们的信息需要调整一下,尊重这些家伙们。“别让我们回去。我们随时都会通过战争,先发制人地扞卫我们在地球上的权利。洗干净你们的鼻子,准备让阿富汗和巴基斯坦都变成印度的吧。”   Patriot464 @carlteck ? an hour ago   Afghanistan has been a sanctuary forRadical Islamic Terrorists for ages, even before Bush!   甚至在布什时代之前,阿富汗就有了应对激进伊斯兰恐怖分子的避难所。   carlteck @Patriot464 ? an hour ago   Oh, so THAT'S why Bush invaded them, is it?   Or, are you just off-topic, again?   哦,那就是布什为什么要入侵他们,不是吗?   或者说,你又把话题扯开了?   keote_poet @Patriot464 ? an hour ago   and before Bush these 'Radical IslamicTerrorists' were considered friends when they were fighting against the USSR..heck, even Rumsfield was shaking hands withthem!.. friends-enemy-friends-enemy.. around the merry-go-round we go.   在布什时代之前,当这些激进的伊斯兰恐怖分子在和苏联打仗的时候,他们都被认为是朋友。见鬼的是,拉姆斯·菲尔德还和他们握手!朋友-敌人-朋友-敌人。。。我们在坐旋转木马。   Tonynbc ? 2 hours ago   They burn our flag, it's free speech.We burn their Koran, it's a hate crime.   他们烧我们的旗子,这是言论自由。我们烧了他们的古兰经,这是仇恨性犯罪。   crunch83  @Tonynbc ? an hour ago   You've got the right to burn whateveryou want. No doubt they hate us though   不论你怎么想,你都有权去烧。不用怀疑,他们恨我们。   A Rational American ? 2 hours ago   "which encouraged Afghans tocooperate with security forces, included an image of a dog carrying the Talibanflag"   How horrible. Democrats will hate theirgovernment for that too. Cooperation with American Security Forces...and a dogdesecrating a Taliban terrorist flag, Oh My!   "Seizing upon the opportunity castthe U.S. invasion and ongoing military deployment in Afghanistan as an attackon Islam...   ...See BS wrote their leftist article.   “为了鼓励当地人和安全部队合作,传单里面有一只带着塔利班旗帜的狗”   真可怕!民主党人也会憎恨他们的政府。和安全部队合作。。。一只狗亵渎了塔利班恐怖分子的旗帜。我的天!   “抓住机会,美国的入侵和正在阿富汗的军事部署是对伊斯兰的攻击。。。”   。。。看看BS写的左派文章。   Hans521 ? 2 hours ago   Is there ANYTHING that isn't offensive tosome people? What's the problem here? Muslims say that dogs are"unclean" and offensive, okay, check! Muslims also say that theTaliban twists Islamic teachings and doesn't represent most Muslims and is therefor also offensive, check! Therefor, showing an"offensive filthy" dog with an offensive filthy Taliban flag seemsreasonable. The Taliban murders, mutilates, and destroys libraries and culturalmonuments. Absolutely nuts.   有什么事情没有冒犯到任何人?问题在哪里?穆斯林说狗是不洁的,好的,看看!穆斯林还说塔利班扭曲了伊斯兰的教义,无法代表大多数穆斯林,这也算是冒犯吗?再看看!因此,展示出一只具有“严重冒犯”的狗带着一面攻击性的肮脏的塔利班旗帜,看起来也合理。这些塔利班凶手摧毁图书馆和文化遗迹。一帮疯子。   eteamer @filobeddo ? an hour ago   This is why military deployments should bepermanent. Do we really want people like this in our country?   这就是为什么军队部署应该是永久的。我们希望这种人在我们国家吗?   keote_poet @filobeddo ? 2 hours ago   These people weren't involved in the 9/11attacks.. but we attacked their country anyways, with the same attitude asyours.. we've been there how long now? and what are we doing there? Fightingfor 'our freedoms'?   Perhaps people like you need to build that'wall', build it all the way up the East coast.. then your nearly complete, getback on a million boats named the Titanic, and go back to Europe.. Where youall come from...If you sink, oh well.. sharkfood.   这些人没有被涉及911袭击。。。但不管怎样,我们攻击了他们国家,和你们的态度一样。。。我们已经在那多久了?我们在那做啥?为了我们的自由而战?   可能像你这样的人需要一直在东海岸造墙。。。你们几乎完成了,然后坐一艘被命名为泰坦尼克的百万级大船回欧洲去,从哪来回哪去。。。如果船沉了,不错。。。鲨鱼大餐。(这段没太看懂,可能是回复上面某个人的)   cometrecovery ? 3 hours ago   And people wonder why they hate the US.When is the military going to realize that all Muslims are not IS. This is thekind of dehumanizing that goes on in war. What a sad situation. This war willnever end unless they figure out how to target the enemy and not the Muslimfaith. They are two different things even if the enemy claims that they arefaithful to Islam. It's a big lie just like a lot of the lies we see here inour own country. Some people are so blinded by hate they cannot think straight.   人们都很困惑为什么那帮家伙要恨美国。当军队过去并认识到所有的穆斯林都不是IS。这是一种在战争中发生的非人性化的行为。真是一个悲伤的故事。战争不会结束,除非他们指出如何针对敌人而不是对穆斯林的信仰。他们有两点不同,即使敌人声称他们信仰伊斯兰教。这是个弥天大谎,就像我们在我们自己国家内看到的那些谎言一样。一些人被仇恨蒙蔽双眼无法思考。   FlippinHippie  @cometrecovery ? 3 hours ago   Don't believe ANYTHING that comes from the government,the military, or religion. They all have an agenda that runs counter to commonsense.   不要相信任何来自政府、军队、宗教的事情。他们都会做一些与常理背道而驰的事。   Smokey484 @FlippinHippie ? 2 hours ago   Bingo.   没错。   McCalis ? 3 hours ago   So let's see... we got Syria, then the bigwar in Yemen, and then Afghanistan at the same time... We have just filled thewhole frigging globe with weapons..We sold Saudi Arabia record amounts ofexplosives...which they used to expand their wars against Qatar... and we havere-armed the Kurds and our moderate terrorists....aaaaand next we shall armSouth Korea to the teeth...and I dunno... You folks okay with invadingVenezuela?,   Is there any little corner of the earth wehave not invaded? Trump...you said "no more stupid wars" ...and thenyou betrayed us.   They got you in some office and youlistened, and they convinced you that war was the greatest thing onearth....and now you are acting no differently than any Democrat or Republican.   Donald, there are no secrets that you havebeen told that makes war fun. Thse are not "smart wars". You're aPentagon Patsy, Donald.   所以,让我们看看。。。我们击败了叙利亚,然后在也门打仗,之后又在阿富汗。。。我们在全世界发动战争。我们卖给沙特大量的炸药。。。然后他们用来扩大他们对卡塔尔的战争。。。我们重新武装了库尔德人和对我们温和的恐怖分子。。。接下来,我们将会把韩国武装到牙齿。。。我不知道。。。你们还会同意入侵委内瑞拉吗?   世界有什么地方我们没有入侵的吗?特朗普。。。你说过“不要再有更多愚蠢的战争”。。。然后你背叛了我们。   他们让你们在办公室里听着,使你们相信战争是地球上最伟大的事情。。。现在你们的表现和民主党或共和党没有任何不同。   特朗普,没有人跟你说使战争变得有趣的秘诀。这些都不是“聪明的战争”,你只是五角大楼的替罪羊,特朗普。   Smokey484 @McCalis ? 2 hours ago   You forgot the part where we are Japan tothe teeth. Give Trump a break. Our Presidents are nothing but temporaryemployees. I truly wonder if Trump chose the Generals, or the Military justshowed up one day and explained how things REALLY work.

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