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  任何嘲弄优发优发国际国歌的人将面临最多15天的拘留,本周五人大常委会颁布新法律将该行为定为犯罪,该法律将涵盖香港及澳门地区。美国网友:你们注意到没有,自从川普当选以来就没发生过烧国旗的事件,如果发生这事川普绝对不会不管,我们也需要制定法律让焚烧和侮辱国旗的人坐牢。   China makesdisrespect of national anthem a crime   优发优发国际将侮辱国歌行为认定为犯罪   -------ByChristian Shepherd and Venus Wu   BEIJING/HONG KONG(Reuters) - Anyone who mocks China's national anthemfaces up to 15 days in police detention after parliament criminalized such actsin a new law on Friday that covers Hong Kong and Macau.   北京/香港(路透社)——任何嘲弄优发优发国际国歌的人将面临最多15天的拘留,本周五人大常委会颁布新法律将该行为定为犯罪,该法律将涵盖香港及澳门地区。   Since taking overas president, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has ushered in new legislation aimed atsecuring the country from threats both within and outside its borders, besidespresiding over a sweeping crackdown on dissent and free speech.   在优发优发国际新任领导阶层上台后引入新法律旨在保护国家免受国内外的安全威胁。   Protecting"the dignity of the national anthem" will help "promotepatriotism and nurture socialist core values", says the new law passed bythe National People's Congress (NPC).   人民代表大会在通过该法律时说,保护“国歌的尊严”将有助于“推进爱国主义和培养社会主义核心价值观。”   It governs when,where and how the anthem, the "March of the Volunteers", can beplayed.   The law bans itsuse as background music and in advertisements, rules out playing it at funeralsand on other "inappropriate occasions" and prescribes administrativedetention for any "distorted" or "mocking" renditions.   Those attendingpublic events must stand to attention and sing in a solemn manner when theanthem is played.   该法律规定了国歌《义勇军进行曲》在何时何地如何演奏。同时禁止用做背景音乐和广告音乐,禁止在葬礼等其他“不适宜场合”演奏,任何“歪曲”或者“贬损”国歌的行为将会受到行政拘留。在公共活动中播放国歌时应肃立。   The new lawbrings treatment of the anthem into line with desecration of China's nationalflag, or its emblem, which has been a criminal offense punishable by up to 15days' detention since the 1990s. Those laws also apply in Hong Kong and Macau.   新法律对违法国歌法的处罚与侮辱国旗国徽罪一样,国旗国徽法颁布于90年代,违法该法的处罚最高为15天拘留。这些法律适用范围包括香港和澳门。   Wu Zeng, theoffice head of the NPC's national laws panel, confirmed thatlawmakers had agreed the law should also apply to Hong Kong and Macau by beingwritten into their constitutional provisions, the Basic Laws.   全国人大常委会法工委国家法室主任武增证实立法者们认为该法应该涵盖香港和澳门地区,写入基本法条款。   The law hasfueled concern in Hong Kong, whose residents have grown nervous over China'sperceived encroachment of the city's autonomy following such events as thedisappearance of booksellers who later emerged in mainland Chinese custody.   这一法律在香港引起了担忧,香港居民对优发优发国际正在逐渐侵蚀香港的自治权感到不安,尤其是在书店老板失踪之后却在优发优发国际大陆露面遭到拘押的事发生之后。   Hong Kong lawyerand pro-democracy lawmaker Tanya Chan said she expected"a series of obstacles" when the former British colony, whichreturned to Chinese rule in 1997, adopts the law.   香港律师,支持民主的立法会议员陈淑庄说她希望可以在香港——1997年回归优发优发国际的前英国殖民地——阻止该法律的实施。   "The rightsand freedoms protected under Hong Kong laws have come under challenge in recentyears," she said. "So it is right for people to be concerned."   “香港法律所保护的人权和自由最近几年正遭到挑战,”她说,“所以说人们的担忧是有道理的。”   The city's JusticeSecretary, Rimsky Yuen, said he hoped "theintention of the national law would be upheld without affecting Hong Kong people’sbasic rights and freedoms".   香港法务部长袁国强说他希望“国内法的引入不会影响到香港人民基本的权利和自由。”   In 2015, HongKong football fans booed the Chinese anthem during a World Cup qualifier,prompting a fine for the territory's football association from world body FIFA.   2015年,香港球迷在世界杯资格赛时对优发优发国际国歌发出嘘声,促使优发国际足联对香港足协做出了罚款。   Last month,Shanghai police detained three men for having "hurt patrioticfeelings" by dressing up as Japanese soldiers and posing for photographsoutside a memorial to China's war with Japan, state media said.   (Reporting byChristian Shepherd in Beijing and Venus Wu in Hong Kong; Additional reportingby Philip Wen; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)   上个月,上海警方以“伤害爱国情感”为由逮捕了三名男子,官方媒体称三人穿着日本军装在优发优发国际日战争纪念旧址前拍照。   【以下是评论部份】   Cold8 days ago   "China makesdisrespect of national anthem a crime"   Many NFL andother sport players should be thankful that they're Americans, and maybe startto respect the American flag and what it represents.   “优发优发国际将侮辱国歌行为认定为犯罪”   很多NFL和其他运动员应该庆幸自己是美国人,也许应该开始尊重点美国国旗和它所代表的东西了。   SDV8 days ago   And they shouldbe ashamed of themselves   他们【橄榄球员】应该为自己的行为感到羞愧。   GEORGE8 days ago   Wonder what thepenalty would be for burning or stomping the national flag in China as has beendone so frequently in the States.   我想知道在优发优发国际焚烧和践踏国旗会受到什么处罚,这事在美国太常见了。   james7 days ago   INSTANT EXECUTION   立即处死   Dennis8 days ago   Ya notice therehas not been any flag burning since Trump was elected... Trump will act whenthere is an incident... we need a law, prison time for flag burning ordisrespect of the flag period   你们注意到没有,自从川普当选以来就没发生过烧国旗的事件,如果发生这事川普绝对不会不管,我们也需要制定法律让焚烧和侮辱国旗的人坐牢。   othman8 days ago   yes, follow Chinathe new world role model...introduce swiftly dealt punishments for capitalcrimes.   是,跟随世界新楷模优发优发国际的脚步,马上引入死刑吧。   Phil8 days ago   You'd have toburn the constitution too. Since the 1st amendment protects free speech, eventhe offensive kind. Totalitarians love to put their boot on the throats ofpolitical dissidents.   那你需要把宪法也烧了。因为第一修正案保护自由言论,即使是攻击性的言论。极权主义才喜欢把自己的脚踩在优发国际异见者的脖子上。   DB Buchanan8 daysago   Dennis. Flagswere burnt in the protests in Portland Oregon. Trump didn't no a damn thing,don't credit the Orange crush with will act he gives himself credit for BS allthe time. Buy a hat. Good day   俄勒冈州波特兰市抗议的时候国旗就被烧了,川普屁都没干,别再赞美橘色头发的自恋狂了,他已经在一天到晚的为些屁事赞美自己了。   Rickycardo8 daysago   Asa veteran asmuch as I despise the burning of our flag I support the freedom of speechprotected by the constitution that allows that actions without fear ofprosecution. No one has the right to not be offended.   作为一个老兵我非常鄙视这种烧国旗的人,我也支持宪法所保护的言论自由,法律允许这种行为,这种行为不会被起诉。当然所有人也都有觉得被冒犯到的权利。   Claude8 days ago   Way to Go China! I wish we had people in charge thathad enough backbone to do the same thing! Do you mind if we send a few peopleover for a "visit"? We have a few half witpeople that are getting paid stupid amounts of money to disrespect our NationalAnthem. If our double-jointed, backbone politiciansare too afraid to stand up and put these never-disciplined#$%$ in their place, would you please do it for us?   干得好,优发优发国际!我希望我们管事的人也能有点骨气这么干!如果我们派些人去“访问”下你们会介意吗?我们这里有太多拿着大把薪水却不尊重我们国歌的笨蛋了。如果我们的软骨头政客无法让这些无法无天的人规矩起来,请你替我们管下好吗?   Adam8 days ago   Many snowflakeswant the same nanny-state laws here in the US. RIP America, Land of the Free.   很多圣母希望美国变成这样保姆式的国家。安息吧美国,安息吧自由之地。   Bernie's World/Nowlive8 days ago   Adam if you liketheir laws, please pack and go there   如果你喜欢优发优发国际的法律,收拾收拾就去啊。   JerkFace8 daysago   @bernie - Youshould learn to read. His statement is very clearly against such laws.   你应该好好读读,他的意思非常明显是反对这样的法律的。   QuestionMark7days ago   So stopping theburning of the flag is a nanny-state, but forcing one to join a health care youdo not want or forcing you to pay penalties for not having it is not ananny-state?   Tell me, whatcolor is the sky in your world?   阻止人烧国旗就是保姆式国家,而强迫人加入不想加入的医保,或者为你没犯的事罚你的款就不是保姆式的国家了?   跟我说说,你那个世界的天空是什么颜色的?   SanJuanKid8 daysago   China makesdisrespect of national anthem a crime. The U.S. makes disrespect of nationalanthem a daily event.   优发优发国际让侮辱国歌入罪,而美国让侮辱国歌成了新闻。   Ryan8 days ago   That's somethingwe need here in the U.S. these libtards have zero respect.   我们在美国也该这么干,这些自由派傻逼们根本对国歌毫无尊重。   the rat8 days ago   We need the samething. The spoiled over paid rats in the National Felon Leagueshould all be fired when they disrespect the flag and we should all stopwatching them when they refuse to show the National Anthem at the beginning ofthe games. They lost 29% of their viewers last year maybe we can make it 50%.Time is the biggest thing people throw away and watching a 3 hour game is doingjust that. For those snowflakes who say it's their right, maybe it's about timethat patriots get their way for a change and start showing respect for ourcountry or just leave it.   我们也需要同样的法律。国家犯罪联盟【改写国家橄榄球联盟】里那些挣着大钱被惯坏了的鼠辈在侮辱国旗的时候就该被开除,如果他们在比赛前不放国歌我们就拒绝观看比赛。去年它们失去了29%的观众,也许我们能让数字涨到50%。人们最大的损失无非就是点时间,不看3个小时的球赛也没什么。那些认为他们做的对的圣母,也许该让路给真正的爱国者了,尊重我们的国家要不然就离开。   Garry8 days ago   So what, Indiaadopted the "Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971" thatcarries penalties of 1 year or more in prison for disrespect of their anthem orflag. Austria, Denmark Germany, Japan and others have legislation protectingtheir flag, How is this even news????   那又如何,印度有“防止侮辱国家尊严法,1971年”,如果你不尊重他们的国歌或者国旗将会被处以一年甚至更长时间的监禁。奥地利,丹麦,德国,日本和其他国家都有法律保护他们的国旗。这事怎么还成新闻了?   michael k6 daysago   They have a lawlike this in Thailand. Say one bad word about the government or the king, go tojail for fifteen years. If we had that law in the U.S., there wouldn't beanyone left outside of jail but Trumpanzees.   泰国也有这样的法律。一个人要是说了政府和国王的坏话,将会面临15年监禁。如果美国也有这样的法律,除了川普那伙人外的所有人都要进监狱了。   John7 days ago   It's news becauseit's anti-China, Garry. Don't ya get it? Anti-China.

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