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  A Japanese princess is giving up her royal status to marry a commoner she fell in love with because of his 'bright smiles like the sun'.   一位日本公主放弃她的皇家地位,跟一个与她相爱的平民结婚,因为他的阳光般灿烂的笑容。   Japanese Emperor Akihito's oldest grandchild Princess Mako 25 said on Sunday she will marry Kei Komuro who was a classmate of hers at Tokyo's International Christian University.   日本天皇Akihito最大的孙女,25岁的Mako公主在星期天宣布他将要跟同为东京优发国际基督教大学的同班同学Kei Komuro结婚。   But women are not allowed to succeed Japan's throne meaning Princess Mako will lose her royal status once she weds 25-year-old Mr Komuro a legal assistant who loves playing jazz piano.   但是女人是不被允许继承日本王位的,一旦25岁的Mako公主嫁给喜欢演奏爵士钢琴的律师助理Komuro先生,这意味着她将要失去她的皇家地位。   At a news conference Princess Mako said: 'First I was attracted by his bright smiles like the sun.'   真子公主在一场新闻发布会上称,“一开始,我就被他那如太阳般灿烂的笑容吸引住了。”   She revealed they talked for the first time at an event for students ahead of a study-abroad program in Shibuya Tokyo about five years ago.   她还透露,他们是在大约5年前在东京涩谷一场出国留学前的学生活动中认识的。   Over time Princess Mako said she learned he is 'a sincere strong-minded hard worker and he has a big heart'.   随着时间的推移,真子公主称她了解到他是一个真诚、坚强和努力的人,同时还有博大的胸怀。   The couple had a long-distance relationship while studying overseas for a year with Princess Mako in Britain and Mr Komuro in the US.   Mr Komuro proposed to her after dinner in December 2013.   在海外留学时,这对夫妻经历了长达一年的异地恋,当时真子公主在英国,而小室先生在美国。   2013年12月的一次晚宴后,小室先生向真子公主求婚。   【以下是评论部份】   DA55018 Exeter 15 hours ago   Good for her   好好对她   kat newcastle United Kingdom 7 hours ago   The family of Princess Mako have acted in a very commendable way by giving their acceptance to this beautiful couple's wishes..In many countries this would not have been allowed..kat.   真子公主的家庭接受这对新人愿望的行为是值得赞扬的..在很多国家,这是不允许的。   jacquesk Columbus United States 4 hours ago   penelope: It's the same one it had been widely reported back in May but wasn't official until now. The last time a princess married out was in 2014 and she was the first cousin once removed from the Emperor Mako-sama is the granddaughter so it is somewhat of a bigger deal.   同样的新闻在5月份已经被广泛报道了但是官方直到现在才公布。上一个公主结婚是在2014年,而且她是第一位放弃皇室身份的侄孙女,真子作为孙女,这使得这次她的行动意义重大。   SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 A beautiful place in Manila Philippines 15 hours ago   Everyone should have right to choose who they want to be in relationship with!   每个人都应该有权选择自己想要和谁建立关系!   JackieWest Cirencester United Kingdom 2 hours ago   Personally I agree if Harry's happy with Meghan Markle than good luck to them. He deserves happiness after his sad childhood of divorce and death of his mum.   我个人赞同如果哈里王子和梅格汉·马克尔(《金装律师》女主角)在一起很快乐,就衷心祝福他们。在经历了年少时父母离婚和丧母之痛后,他应该得到一些快乐了。   Bellagio DuPont London Nigeria 48 minutes ago   @ Koyaanisq: Really? You don?t see many race related comments? Anyone that looks at even a small handful of your comments here on DM knows you?re a stone cold race-east. For instance you wrote a comment yesterday listing supposed b l a q u e genealogical defects and deducing that that makes her an inferior choice of wife?..where?s that comment gone? Did you dexe it yourself or did DM dexe it for being race-east? Do tell??   @ Koyaanisq: 是吗?你没见过多少种族相关的评论吗? 任何人在这里哪怕只看过一小部分你关于梅格汉·马克尔的评论都会知道你是个铁石心肠的种族主义者。比如你昨天写过一个评论,写满那些所谓的血统缺陷之类的胡言乱语还由此得出娶梅格汉·马克尔为妻是一个下下策的结论。你的评论哪去了?是因为种族主义被你自己还是梅格汉·马克尔删掉了?你说!   L M S Stephenson St Clair Trinidad and Tobago 14 hours ago   Nice looking couple. Good luck to them.   相貌出众的一对情侣。祝福他们。   Georgie Girl Adelaide Australia 14 hours ago   So the Japanese would rather their Monarchy die out then hand the throne over to a woman? Absurd   所以日本人宁愿他们的君主体制消亡,然后把王位交给一个女人?真滑稽。   Eleven1111 United Kingdom United Kingdom 5 hours ago   Really minute-man? Because I don't hear anyone refer to "King Albert"?   真的是高效率, 因为我从来没有听人提及“艾伯特国王”。   MagicalMojo Under your skin Australia 4 hours ago   rawrosone your originality is groundbreaking ..   原结晶玫瑰的独到之处就是开创性 。   Chrissie Linnit South Coast United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Beautiful.   漂亮!   Wherearemyglasses Gloucester United Kingdom 10 hours ago   All you need is love...   你所需要的是爱。   maggie solihull United Kingdom 4 hours ago   She's very pretty and elegant. I hope it works out. Nothing is guaranteed any more .   她很可爱,很漂亮,我希望婚姻不需要保证就能解决。   debsmail Worcester United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Prince Charles should have done the same.   查尔斯王子也是这么做的。   MagicalMojo Under your skin Australia 4 hours ago   Yes he married Kate but has a dead mother. Charles is a weak little coward and they all suffered for it.   对,他跟凯特王妃结婚,但他有个死板的母亲,查尔斯是一个柔弱娇小的懦夫,他们正为此受苦。   Nova Scotia Guy Cole Harbour Canada 3 hours ago   marry a piano playing legal assistant?   嫁给一位玩钢琴的法律助理?   Thai girl Hua Hin Thailand 13 hours ago   Good for her. Love conquers all. May you both have a happy and joyful life together xxx   她这样挺好。爱能征服一切。祝你们两个一起开心快乐地生活下去。   Natalier01 London United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Prince Harry take a leaf out of her book if you intend to marry that walking merchandising American actress.   哈里王子如果你想娶哪个活商品美国女演员,就学学她的榜样吧。   Koyaanisqatsi Atman United States 4 hours ago   "Harry could never be king." That what they said about the Queen's father too. But if he will never be king then there's no purpose to his royal title and he should have no trouble relinquishing it to marry Markle and dash off into the Hollywood sunset.   “哈里不可能坐上王位”这和当年人们对女王父亲的评论一样。不过如果他永远成不了国王,他的皇家头衔就没有意义了,他应该很轻松就可以放弃头衔,然后和马克尔结婚,并一头扎进好莱坞的夕阳中去。   Koyaanisqatsi Atman United States 4 hours ago   Extraordinary really. I truly marvel at her paid PR team's ability to clock in each day to attend to the Sisyphean task of promoting this despised woman. You don't ever gain any ground -- she's not wanted and that won't ever change. Frankly if Harry wants to marry her he should step down from his title and settle with her abroad. If he cared about her he would. People will catcall her endlessly otherwise; she will be miserable. PH can pay for PR sure but all the money in the world won't budge public opinion here. It's as set in place as the Northern Star.   liliana Lima Peru 14 hours ago   Japanese princesses are raised innocent and with very polite manners. That's the reason of her naive answer. Blessings!   真的。我真的很佩服她豢养的公关小组的能力,需要每天按时打卡上班,做那些永远做不完的事情,来提升这位受人鄙薄的女人的公众形象,你得不到任何进展--她不需要,这一点是永远不可能改变的,坦率的说,如果哈利真的想要娶她,他应该放弃他的头衔和她到国外定居,如果他真的关心她,他会这么做的,否则人们会不停地发出不满的声音,她会变得很痛苦。PH肯定会为公关买单,但是这世上所有的钱都无法改动这个公众意见,这已经像北极星一样的被固定了。   日本公主都是天真无邪,有礼貌举止地长大的,这就是她天真的回答的原因,祝福!   Michael London United Kingdom 10 hours ago   "The sad thing is they are not being prepared for a life outside the palace. They have no idea about the outside world...no skills we take for granted" - Eh Natascha she wasn't educated in a convent with Knights Templar or similar guarding all heretical contact with the outside world. She went to an 'international' university in Japan so knows at least something of the outside world (privileged as it may be) a year at Leicester University another year in Edinburgh...she's hardly a Rapunzel who's never left the tower.   “令人难过的是他们仍未准备好开始宫廷外的生活。他们对宫廷外的世界一无所知。。。甚至连生存技能都欠缺”—额,因为圣殿骑士团以及那些反对外界异端的守护者的缘故,娜塔莎无法在修道院学习。而在日本(也许是因为有特权),她能前往某些”优发国际“大学求学,在莱斯特大学学习一年后又在爱丁堡读书,这或多或少帮助她了解外面的世界。。。她根本就不是象牙塔里的公主。   burihebi ginowan Japan 46 minutes ago   With the exception of the emperor and empress the rest of the royal family is very normal and modern. The kids all go to regular school and do regular activities.   除了天皇和皇后,其他的皇室成员看上去很普通、很时尚。所有的皇室子弟都读普通学校做一般人做的事。   GuestyGuest Guesty United Kingdom 13 hours ago   I wish them both the best!   为他们俩献上最美好的祝福!   Anne Scotland United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Prince Charles should have behaved in the same way to marry Camilla! His uncle did the right thing all those years ago!   查尔斯王子娶卡米拉的时候也应该放弃皇室地位!他的叔叔很多年前就是这样做的!   SW66Bristol Bristol United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Prince Charles was very young to make a decision that his parents his grandmother and just about everyone was telling him was out of the question.   查尔斯王子那时太年轻,无法自己做决定。他的父母,他的祖父母,基本上所有人都告诉他这是不可能的。   DeplorableLatina Centreville United States 10 hours ago   Sorry SW66 but Charles was in his 30s when he married Diana. Get a grip!   抱歉,SW66(楼上),查尔斯娶黛尔娜的时候已经三十好几了。   typhaine.56 lanester France 13 hours ago   Can somebody send this article to Prince Harry ?   可以把这篇文章发给哈里王子吗?   Gstargeezer71 Wolverhampton United Kingdom 13 hours ago   I wonder if William and harry would do the same to marry?   我好奇威廉和哈里会不会效仿?   Lady 1001 St Albans United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Then change the law and allow her to maintain her royal status and marry a commoner good grief look what Harry wants to drag into our royal family!!!   那么改一下法律,允许她嫁给平民并保留皇家地位, 看哈里想要牵扯进王室的悲伤故事,   paul this once great land 13 hours ago   She lost her status as princess because she married not just because she's married a commoner its their rules on Royalty only the men keep their titles   她失去了作为公主的地位是因为结婚,而不是她嫁给一个平民,这是他们王室的传统,只有男人才能保留头衔。   TheRightOne Vancouver Canada 13 hours ago   She can't succeed the throne. So who can she marry and not lose her title? Isn't there only one king and queen in Japan?   她不能继承王位,那么她嫁给谁才不会失去她的头衔呢?日本不是只有一个天皇和一个皇后的吗?   mike Cebu Philippines 13 hours ago   No. There's only one emperor and empress.   是的,只有一个天皇和一个皇后的。   christy1970 Chiswick United Kingdom 13 hours ago   It is also the case in our monarchy when princesses marry their children have no titles...and in the case of the google eyed York sisters they lose their titles but only keep HRH no matter who they marry.

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