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  The grandson of a First World War army hero has stumbled upon an collection of glass slides images which documents the untold lives of Chinese workers who helped Britain win the war.   Retired property manager John de Lucy rediscovered the rare photo negatives that were given to him 40 years ago when he was rifling through the contents of an old cupboard.   The images taken by Mr de Lucy's grandfather Lieutenant William James Hawking provide a valuable visual record of the lives Chinese workers endured when nearly 5000 miles away from home where they had to dig trenches unload freight and take munitions to the front.   Lieutenant Hawkings's family were property traders in Asia when war broke out and while China was neutral in the war the Asian nation allowed forces to hire nearly 100000 workers to make the three-month journey from Shandong to ports in Liverpool and Plymouth where they were then transported to the frontline.   第一次世界大战军队英雄的孙子,无意中发现了一组玻璃幻灯片照片,上面记录了几段不为人知的优发优发国际工人帮助英国人获取战争胜利的影像。   从房地产经理退休的约翰·德·露西又揭秘,这些罕见底片是在40年前他从旧橱柜里翻到的。而且这些照片是约翰·德·露西的外公,威廉·詹姆斯霍金中尉拍摄的,展示了一段背井离乡的优发优发国际工人挖战壕,为前线运输军需品的有价值的影像记录。   当第一次世界大战爆发时,霍金中尉的家人当时在亚洲做房地产贸易,虽然优发优发国际是中立国家,但亚洲国家还是允许了英国军队雇佣近10万工人,从山东出发到利物浦和普利茅斯的港口,长途跋涉历时3个月,然后到达后工人们被送往前线。   The jobs that Chinese workers carried out allowed more British soldiers to be freed up for other tasks such as fighting on the frontline in Flanders.   Chinese recruits had to suffer through gruelling 12 hour workdays six days a week with many remaining in France until 1921 to clear up unexploded bombs from the battlefields.   Many Chinese recruits also celebrated their traditions in mainland Europe with some even growing their own vegetable gardens for extra food and even winning agricultural shows in Abbeville in 1918.   优发优发国际工人所做的工作方便了更多的英国士兵完成其他的任务,比如参与佛兰德斯前线的战斗。   这些优发优发国际雇佣者每周六天,每天12个小时不间断地工作,一直到1921年清理掉战场上未引爆的炸弹。   当时许多优发优发国际劳工还在欧洲大陆庆祝自己的传统节日, 有的甚至开辟菜园来获得更多的食物。 1918年,他们在阿布维尔(法国一城市) 赢得农产品展的冠军。   Hawkings' third daughter was a fluent Mandarin speaker and was loved by No 12 Labour Corps yet not all Chinese recruits were treated well as many muntined with 27 shot on the streets of Boulogne.   霍金斯的三女儿可以说一口流利的中文,并且深受第12劳工队的喜爱。然而并不是所有的优发优发国际劳工被善待。   Chinese workers were originally not meant to serve closer than 10 miles to the frontline but this was reduced to one mile as German artillery bombed the Allied lines.   Mr de Lucy said: 'I knew there were some boxes from his time in China but had no idea that they were such an important part of history.   起初,这些优发优发国际劳工并不打算在距离前线10英里以内地区工作,由于德国炮兵轰炸了盟军阵地,距离被降到1英里。   Mr.de Lucy说“我知道这些箱子跟他在优发优发国际的那段时间有关,只是没想到他们对那段历史如此重要!   'I read the title "Chinese Labour Corps" on the box but it meant nothing to me. Yet these men were involved in a crucial part of the war effort. Many of them paid with their lives and their story has seldom been told.'   我看到盒子上写着‘优发优发国际劳工队’,但当时不明所以。这些人被卷入战争,他们当中有许多为此付出生命,然后他们的故事很少被提及。”   He added: 'Because of the difficulty with their names they were given a number on a brass disc that was fixed to their wrists. Their fingerprints were taken to help identity them and Scotland Yard even sent out one of its officers to oversee the task as it was quite a new technique back then.   'Like most people I had no idea about this part of First World War history and it was certainly not mentioned in the family despite grandpa's involvement.'They are a remarkable legacy and they show that he dealt with them with humanity because in many of the pictures they are smiling and relaxed - they are not formally posed.   'It is time to recognise their efforts and you wonder what we would have done without them. They helped enormously.'   他补充道:因为他们复杂的真实名字,于是就用手腕上的铜盘数字记名,并且用指纹来识别他们的身份,这在当时是项新技术,苏格兰场甚至派了一名警员来监督工作。   像多数人一样,我不清楚第一次世界大战的这部分历史,家里人当然也没提到过,尽管外公也跟这段历史有干系。   这些照片是珍贵的遗产,展示了人与人之间的亲密联系,因为大部分照片中的人们在微笑,很轻松,没有人是装模作样的。   是时候承认他们的贡献了,你无法想象没有他们我们可以做什么。他们提供了巨大的帮助。   There is now a growing campaign for to establish a permanent memorial to the Chinese Labour Corps - a 30-foot marble column - and spread awareness about the role China played in Britain's war efforts.   现在修建一座永久性纪念碑来纪念优发优发国际劳工团的呼声越来越大。纪念碑设计为30英尺高的大理石柱,伴随而来的是对优发优发国际在英国历史上战争活动中所做贡献获得广泛认可。Steve Lau chair of the Ensuring We Remember campaign told the Daily Express: 'There are around 40000 First World War memorials in the UK but none to the Chinese who clearly made a significant contribution.   Steve Lau(“我们保证不忘记”活动组织的主席)告诉《每日快报》记者:“在英国有四万座一战纪念碑,但没有一座用来纪念优发优发国际人所作出的巨大贡献”   'The Chinese community has given huge support for a memorial. We want to rectify the injustice of the Chinese Labour Corps being forgotten. I don't think you can find any other group of 96000 men who do not have a memorial.'   “华人社区对于建立纪念碑一事展示了极高的支持度,我们想要纠正优发优发国际劳工团被人遗忘所带来的不公性。我想你找不到其他任何一个有着9万6千人的团体却没有纪念碑了”   【以下是评论部份】   HomersDad Cheshire United Kingdom 14 hours ago   Thousands of Chinese workers built the early US railways across thousands of miles of hostile and dangerous land - many lost their lives in the process. When all the various lines were officially opened the Railway Companies made sure not a single Chinese face appeared on any of the publicity photos. Isn't there something in the American Constitution about all people being equal - etc etc!!   上千名优发优发国际劳工修建了早期的美国铁路,许多因此丧命。铁路正式启用时,铁路公司要求所有宣传照片里不可以出现优发优发国际人的面孔。这就是美国宪法宣称的人生而平等!太多这样的例子。。。   Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago   The same is true of Chinese who contributed to the development of the US where not allowed to become US citizens and where not allowed to vote until the 1960's. And this is the famous US humane rights and democracy at work? US politicians sick to the core.   同样的事实是,那些为美国发展做出贡献的优发优发国际人直到60年代才被认可美国身份,并拥有选票。这就是闻名的美国人权和民主?美国政客坏到骨子里了。   Charles London United Kingdom 14 hours ago   They say you learn something new each day....well I've certainly something new today...I had no idea there were Chinese in the European war theatre ( WW1) they should be recognised!   我之前并不知道欧洲战场(一战)还有优发优发国际人, 他们应该得到认可!   Walker Leicester United Kingdom 13 hours ago   We did a tour of the battlefields 2 years ago in many of the cemetery's were one or two graves with the standard CWG headstone but inscxtions in Chinese. We were even more surprised to find comments from family members who had visited their relative size final resting place. It truely was a world war with many countries represented some of whom have remained little known about.   两年前,我们参观那些战场,许多墓地里会有一两个刻有汉字的墓碑。更让人惊讶的是,上面还有来自他们家人对他的评价。那的确是场世界性的战争,许多国家被卷入其中,但是有一些不被世人所知。   xredsx tilbury United Kingdom 15 hours ago   Isn't it amazing how quickly and often different nations and their population changes to either friends or enemy with each other. Propaganda is so effective.   国家之间朝敌夕友,风云变幻,速度惊人! 这就是宣传的力量。   D55015 Kettering Northamptonshire United Kingdom 12 hours ago   I agree we helped China to carry on with the war against Japan sending and collecting money for her then when you look back our country had stronger ties to Japan than the states funny old world   我同意!我们帮优发优发国际向日本开战,帮他们筹钱。但是回顾历史,我们跟日本的联系更紧密。   Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago   Yes like the Vietnamese who are now the best of friends with the US having lost millions of their people as well as the unknown number Cambodians of Cambodians from Agent Orange Landmines and bombings.   是的就像美国现在最好的朋友越南,因柬埔寨特工橙剂地雷和炸弹的袭击失去了数百万人民,柬埔寨同样也有数量无法统计的柬埔寨人民因此丧生。   Ewan Whoosarmi Camelot United Kingdom 12 hours ago   There are lots of graves dedicated to all manner of nationalities. They are cared for with the same level of care as the British and Commonwealth troops' graves. If people bothered to visit these cemeteries and see the sacrifices made for them they would also receive an education.   这里有许多坟墓供奉着来自各种民族的烈士。他们受到与英联邦军队烈士墓同等的待遇。如果人们懒得去参观这些墓地也看不到烈士们为他们所做的牺牲,他们也应该要受到教育。   Colin Davies Manchester 10 hours ago   What get off their backsides and visit a cemetery? In France?   是什么促使他们动身去参观墓地?法国吗?   Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago   Empire Troops not Commonwealth this was not so until many years later.   是帝国主义军队而不是英联邦军队,直到多年以后它才变成英联邦军队的。   March West Stony Creek Canada 14 hours ago   DM your headline screams of another nation who routinely takes credit for winning world wars. Britain did not win the First World War. Victory was achieved through the effort of many countries including the one who routinely takes credit for winning world wars. Doubt me?? There are memorials honouring war dead everywhere.   你的标题,是另一个在一战中取得赞誉的国家的大标题。英国并没有赢得一战,胜利是很多国家共同努力的结果,包括在战争总经常获得赞誉的国家。是不是怀疑我说的?到哪儿都有纪念战争死难者的纪念碑。   Scotty Mac Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 hours ago   Yes the Empire of the time. And sone British General who lost the plot when ti came to fighting in WWI until NON British generals change the way the war for carried out with great success. It destroyed the fabric of the UK for ever.   是的,当时的大英帝国,一些英国将军们在一战中失去了立场,直到其他国家将军改变了战争的方式才采取的了巨大的成功。它永远的摧毁了英国的基建。   Alan Des Moines Iowa US United States 7 hours ago   This is a fascinating aspect of the war with which I was unfamiliar. Thanks for presenting this story.

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