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塔利班警告阿富汗将成为美国的坟场 [美国网评]

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  The Taliban warned that Afghanistan would become "a graveyard" for the United States Tuesday after President Donald Trump cleared the way for thousands more American troops to be sent to the war-torn country.   塔利班组织警告说,阿富汗将在星期二成为美国的“墓地”。此前,美国总统唐纳德特朗普为成千上万的美国军队前往这个饱受战争蹂躏的国家铺平了道路。   "If America doesn't withdraw its troops from Afghanistan soon Afghanistan will become another graveyard for this superpower in the 21st century" Zabiullah Mujahid a spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan said in a statement.   阿富汗塔利班组织发言人Zabiullah Mujahid在一份声明中说:“如果美国再不从阿富汗撤军,阿富汗很快就会成为这个21世纪超级大国的另一个墓地。”   He added that America should think of an exit strategy "instead of continuing the war".   他还说,美国应该考虑撤军,而不是继续战争。   "As long as there is one US soldier in our land and they continue to impose war on us we with a high morale will continue our jihad" Mujahid said.   穆贾希德说:“只要我们的土地上还有一名美国士兵,只要他们继续把战争强加给对我们,我们就会继续以高昂的士气圣战到底。”   Trump backtracked from his promise to rapidly end America's longest war in his first formal address to the nation as commander-in-chief late Monday though he did not offer specifics.   特朗普作为国家最高统帅的第一次正式演讲时曾说过,要迅速结速美国历史上最长的一场战争。而在周一晚上,特朗普放弃他的承诺,尽管他没有提供具体的细节。   He said he had concluded "the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable" leaving a vacuum that terrorists "would instantly fill".   他说他已经得出这样的推断:“快速退出的后果是可预测的,并且是不可接受的”,(这会)留下了一个真空让恐怖分子来“迅速填补”。   While Trump refused to offer detailed troop numbers senior White House officials said he had already authorised his defence secretary to deploy up to 3900 more troops to Afghanistan.   尽管特朗普拒绝提供更加详细的驻军人数,但白宫内高级官员透露,他已经授权国防部长向阿富汗增派3900名士兵。   【以下是评论部份】   Avatar   Wayne 1 hour ago   I don't think Afghanistan is worth the trouble but if Trump insists on this course of action don't play nice like Bush and Obama did. If you're going to war you have to exterminate your enemy. You have to genocide everyone that is not your uniform. It's the only way wars have ever been won. Moral values have no relevance. Only victory counts.   我不认为阿富汗的问题值得去劳神费力,但如果特朗普还是坚持这个行动方针,那就会如布什和奥巴马那样,在阿富汗问题上不会处理得太好。如果要开战,就需要把敌人全部消灭,甚至把不是穿着自己军队制服的人民都赶尽杀绝。这是战胜的唯一途径。道德价值是没有相关性的。在战争面前,一切的道德价值观都不重要,战胜才是重要的。   Asif 1 hour ago   There were more than hundered thousand troops of USA and NATO and they failed. Few thousand more will not help to win the war.   这里曾经有超过上千万的美国和北约军队,但他们都失败了。现在才这几千人,要打赢战争,没什么希望。   Cynthia 1 hour ago   Trump slipped a little sentence in his speech regarding relaxation to rules of engagement. This tiny tidbit will have an extreme impact in US response as will allowing Fiels a commanders to make critical on the ground decisions without Presidential oversight. I think this will get real ugly real fast but perhaps it's time to actually attempt to annihilate the enemy . Its impossible to win in a conflict where one side is fighting with the handicap of civilized warfare or obeying rules that guarantee the enemies human rights while the enemy shows no respect for these rules and actually benefit by not employing them and using to their advantage the weakness the rules of engagement place on those who follow them.   特朗普在演讲就放松交战规则透露了些许信息。这一小小的插曲在美国产生了极大的影响,因为根据政策,将允许美军指挥官在没有总统监督的情况下对战场的决策当下做出调整。虽然我不是很认同这个政策,但也许它对于歼灭敌人是有利的。在一场冲突中,参与战斗的其中一方受到文明交战的阻碍,或是被要求遵守保障敌方人权的规则,而敌方却完全不尊重这些规则,实际上敌方还因不遵守规则,并利用遵守这些交战规则一方的弱点而获利,这样是不可能获胜的。   James 56 minutes ago   It will become a graveyard for the taliban that we can use to relieve ourselves.   阿富汗成为塔利班的“坟场”,这样我们能缓解一下自身的负担。   MaoDonalds 34 minutes ago   No reason to stay in Afghanistan unless this Government wants to subject it's influence forcefully unto these people. Yes another US war in Afghanistan will be a US graveyard. In a different way. The more we partake in unnecessary wars the deeper the debt hole we are digging. When the real war starts - WWIII are we going to borrow money from China to war against them?   没有理由呆在阿富汗,除非政府想要对人们施加强有力的影响。是的,又一场美国在阿富汗的战争将是美国的坟墓。凡不必要的战争我们参与得越多,这债务黑洞我们就挖得就越深。当真正的战争----第三次世界大战暴发时,难道我们打算向优发优发国际借钱来打优发优发国际?   Jim Hilke 35 minutes ago   Have we not learned from what russia went through??? No one wins in Afghanistan!!! We are wasting money and young lives on nothing!!! The brits tried it the Russians and now us!!! It's a NO WIN SITUATION!!!   难道我们没有从俄罗斯的经历中吸取教训吗? 在阿富汗没有赢家!我们正在浪费金钱、消耗年轻的生命,就为了与己无关的事情!英国人试过了,俄国人试过了,现轮到在美国了!这是一盘只输不赢的残局!   Emil 26 minutes ago   Mr. President Trump: how can you be so idiotic na?ve and puerile to continue wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan for absolutely no valid reason and with no benefits whatsoever for the USA. American troops can not station in these two countries forever and the sooner we pull out the better. There are absolutely no advantages benefits or other positive results from being there in the first place. Let them kill each other and do whatever they want in their countries. As for harboring terrorism in these two countries such activities can be conceived and deployed from any other country from the Middle East and Africa that nobody will ever be able to effectively stop them.   特朗普总统:你们怎么能如此愚蠢地在地继续在阿富汗和巴基斯坦打仗,这完全没有任何正当理由,而且对美国没有任何好处。美国军队不能永远驻扎在这两个国家,我们越早撤军越好。从一开始就没有任何好处或其他积极的结果。让他们互相残杀吧,在各自国家里做他们想做的事。至于这两个国家的恐怖主义活动,这些活动可以从中东和非洲的任何一个国家构想和部署,没有人能够真正有效地阻止它们。   Pat 37 minutes ago   Thanks to Trump the United States is already a 'graveyard' for U.S.   多亏特朗普,美国已经成为“墓地”了。   Ken 28 minutes ago   Get out now Osama is dead. We will never get rid the Taliban (Taliban Saying-- You have the clocks we have the time). I spent 3 years there Kabul and Gardez...It's big contracts and corruption we won't change anything for long then back to the norm..........   奥萨马已经死了,现在就撤离吧。我们永远也无法消灭塔利班(塔利班名言——你有手表,但我们有时间)(译注:是史蒂文·菲尔菲尔德的 《战士之神 》书中的一句话)。我在喀布尔和加德兹呆了3年……这是大合同大腐败,既然我们无法使任何改变长久,那就回到原定指标吧……   Geoff Z 20 minutes ago   historically...the GOP LOVES to send out youth off to die   历史上…共和党喜欢让年轻人去送死。   willis 31 minutes ago   just leave that country alone   别管那个国家了   Dav 21 minutes ago   I had to register for the draft when I turned 18 in '68. Viet Nam body counts on TV every night. We were winning ! We were winning in 1969 1970 and 1971. We announced important changes in strategy. Just about to turn the corner. We HAD to win to honor those that had already died "defending America". What exactly were we defending America from ? 50000 American dead. But some may say worse is the over a million that came home permanently physically or mentally damaged. Costs for Viet Nam Vets medical care is still going up as they get into their 60s and 70s.   1968年时我18岁,我必须登记应征入伍。在越南的尸体每晚都在电视上计数着。我们快要赢了!我们在1969年、1970年和1971年都快要赢了。我们宣布了优发国际的重大变化。马上就要转危为安了。为了褒奖那些已经为“保卫美国”牺牲了的人们,我们必须赢得胜利。我们究竟是从什么的侵犯下保护美国?50000美国人死了。也许有人认为,更糟糕的是在身体或精神上受到永久性伤害的逾百万归国军人。在这些越南战争退伍军人进入60多、70多岁的时候,他们的医疗费用仍在上升。   Nicholas 49 minutes ago   Like Ho Chi Minh told the French "You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds you will lose and we will win." Once the US got involved we killed 1.1 million communist fighters compared to the 58220 soldiers we lost in that conflict. Yet Uncle Ho was right-- they won and today all of Vietnam is theirs. You can't submit an enemy who is willing to murder his own children and burn his own house to the ground to defeat you. That's what we're facing in Afghanistan and relaxing rules of engagement will only make things worse if they change the battlefield equation at all.   胡志明对法国人说过:“我杀死你们一个人,你们可以十倍奉还。但即使伤亡如此悬殊,我们最终还是会赢。”美国介入后,杀死了110万共产主义战士,美军只牺牲了58220人。但是胡志明说对了,他们赢了,今天整个越南都是他们的。你的敌人为了打败你,可以杀死自己的儿童,烧毁自己的房子,这样的敌人你是无法打败的。这就是我们现在在阿富汗所面对的情形,一旦他们打破战场平衡,放松交战规则只会让事情更糟。   Eric M 35 minutes ago   I see people here didn't learn from the total withdraw from Iraq and it's lesson if we withdraw from Afghanistan lock stock and barrel it will be 10 times worse shoot ISIL and the Taliban are already slaughtering whole villages jointly.   我发现这里的人们没有从伊拉克的完全撤军中吸取经验,如果我们从阿富汗完全撤军,情况将糟糕十倍,ISIS和塔利班已经开始联合屠杀整个村庄了。   Richard 42 minutes ago   What trump did is basically increase taliban and isis fighter recruitment. He has no clue and never will understand complicate foreign policy such as the middle east. U.S. are always view as foreign invader.   特朗普所做的事基本上是增加塔利班和isis的武装人员。他很无能,永远不会理解中东地区的复杂外交政策。美国总是被视为外国侵略者。   Voj 2 minutes ago   Russians lost because we armed Mujaheddins. Guess who will be arming Taliban now. Conclusion is simple get the heck out of there.   俄罗斯人因为我们给那些圣战者武器而失败了,猜猜谁将会为塔利班提供武器,答案是很简单的。   AK 5 minutes ago   Na we can't leave any M E countries alone. The USG and its fascist state depends on their terrorism for - Huge Paychecks.   我们现在不能单独让任何一个国家出面,美国政府和它的法西斯国家是依靠他们的恐怖主义来获得巨额薪水的。   larry 14 minutes ago   Remember he knows more about this than all the generals...

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