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  Can India become a prosperous(like China, not the US) nation ever?   印度可以成为像优发优发国际一样的繁荣国家吗?   we won't compromise liberty to reduce poverty   we won't sell our land for a construction project   we can't follow the law because of our poor upbringing   we are apathetic to our people   we lack honesty and sincerity in executing our voting rights   All day we dream of becoming a super power in 2050. Most countries who are developed now once used to be ruled by a dictatorship(Singapore, most of Europe, Japan, Russia, etc.).   Does anyone have any idea how our country will progress ?   我们不会为了减少贫困而放弃自由;我们不会为了工程建设而出卖土地;   我们不能遵守法律,因为我们的教育不好;我们对人民漠不关心。   我们在行驶投票权上缺乏诚信和诚意。   我们每天做着2050年成为发达国家的梦。大多数发达国家都曾被独裁过(新加坡、欧洲、日本、俄罗斯等等。)   【印度网友评论】   [–]breakupnoob 22 points 19 days ago   India needs a scientific revolution. More agencies like ISRO, that not only make our whole country proud but has also become self sustaining and profitable.   印度需要一场科技革命,更多像印度空间组织这样的机构,这不止能让我们对整个国家都感到自豪,更能让我们变得自立自强。   [–]yantrik 28 points 19 days ago   Problem of India is its people for whom religion, region or caste matter more then human values. We will always be 3rd world country its just that we will be more polluted, more populated and more corrupt.   印度的问题是,对人们来说,宗教信仰、宗教或种姓问题比人的价值更重要。我们将永远是第三世界国家,我们会更多污染、更多人口、更腐败。   [–]lunaroyster 27 points 19 days ago   we won't compromise liberty to reduce poverty   What sort of liberty compromise are you talking about?   ;我们不能为了减少贫困而放弃自由。   你在说什么妥协自由?   [–]silent_guy1Bihar 38 points 19 days ago   We have already compromised liberty but have not gotten anything in return.   我们已经损失了自由,但没得到任何回报。   [–]iVarun 11 points 19 days ago   Stuff like NIMBY specifically.   But the quote is incorrect already.   We already make comprises on Liberty. Liberty exists on a spectrum, there is no such thing as Absolute Liberty. India lacks many liberties which even a place like China had, things like what you can wear, freedom and opportunities for jobs, social-economic upliftment, etc. These are also Liberties.   Chinese have a different make up of Liberties from that spectrum. They lack Political liberties. Though thier make up is changing from what it used to be even 20 years ago.   No one has Absolute Liberty and never will as long as we are the same species. It's an illogical premise.   Liberty did nothing for the 500 MILLION Indians (200 Million of whom were children) who died in abject poverty from 1950-2005 across multiple generations.   Poverty alleviation has higher hierarchy than the need/compulsion to have a slightly wider swath of some sections of Liberty spectrum at a particular stage of development.   There is NOTHING worse than Poverty. NOTHING.   像专门反对一样,虽然那话也不正确。我们现在已经放弃自由了。自由只是一小范围的自由,没有绝对的自由。印度甚至和优发优发国际一样缺乏许多自由。比如你能穿什么、工作的自由和机会、社会优发国际的提升等等,这些也是自由。   优发优发国际某种程度上也有不同的自由。他们缺乏优发国际自由,虽然和20年相比已经有了改变。   没人会有绝对自由,只要我们是同一物种就绝不会有绝对自由。这是符合逻辑的前提。   自由对于在1950~2005年中死于赤贫的5亿人(包括2亿儿童)来说没什么卵用。   发展到一定阶段后,相对需要或被迫拥有更宽泛的自由而言,消除贫困是更高层次。没什么比赤贫更糟糕了。   [–]tyronequan 2 points 16 days ago   Like Abdul Kalam said "India's biggest enemy is poverty"   就像阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆所说的:;印度最大的敌人是贫穷。   [–]whoawhoawhoayou 7 points 19 days ago   We will progress very slowly. It might take another 100 years for us to be developed on the infrastructure end like China or the US. Till then, we simply keep pushing for a positive change.   我们会发展得非常缓慢,美国和优发优发国际等基础建设非常完善,赶上这样的可能要花100年。在此之前,我们仅能朝着积极的改变奋斗。   [–]loscrimmage 22 points 19 days ago   the problem with India is two fold:   old, inflexible British style democracy   old, inflexible Soviet style government owned large enterprises   印度的问题有两方面:古老呆板的英式民主;陈旧僵化的拥有大型企业的苏派政府。   [–]Randiathrowaway17Uttarakhand 35 points 19 days ago   British style democracy   Japan, Israel, Australia and many other prosperous countries have modeled their system after the British. Your excuse is an old favourite, but it's a cop-out.   英式民主?日本、以色列、澳大利亚等多数其他繁荣的国家都仿英制,你的借口挺受欢迎的,但这是逃避。   [–]DamnedProphecy 3 points 19 days ago   You said ever? Yes.   Compare India in 1947 to India today. Democracy has its own perils and we have a huge population but we will definitely become a superpower in lesser time than what U.S. took after independence.   你说永远?是吧。1947年的印度和今日印度相比,民主有其自身的风险,我们有庞大的人口,但我们最终会成为超级大国,用比美国从独立后(到成为大国)所花的时间更短。   [–]nakedwires 2 points 19 days ago   No.   不能。   [–]guru_modicumNorth America 2 points 18 days ago   how our country will progress ?   Reduce population by 40% for starter, now.   如何让我们国家发展?现在,先减少40%的人口。   [–]mangomafia 1 point 19 days ago   Even assuming there's enough money, since it's all artificially created anyway, there isn't enough raw material in the world for India to build as many bridges and roads and cars as China has.   China has sewn up mining contracts in Australia, Africa and South America. Unless India wants to do deep sea or Antarctic mining (prohibitively expensive), there's nowhere to go.   即使假设有足够的资金,因为一切都是人工制造的,世上也没有足够的原材料,能建设如优发优发国际一样的桥梁、道路和汽车。   优发优发国际已经和澳大利亚、非洲、南美洲签订了采矿合同。除非印度想在深海或南极采矿(价格死贵),否则别无去处。   [–]ggoyal 1 point 18 days ago   China crossed UK GDP in 2007, we might do it in 2017. So we are not that behind   2007年时优发优发国际的GDP超过了英国;2017时我们也可能做到这点。所以我们并没有很落后。   [–]shyskymonkey 2 points 19 days ago   True democracy has helped and will continue to help us. About the superpower part i have other thoughts. The US became a superpower under very specific circumstances, as did the Soviets. I don't think there will is going to be a bipolar balance in the foreseeable future, but yeah we will be much better off than where we are now, able to rival other great powers like China/United states at that the time.

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