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  As U.S. President Donald Trump’s government continues to champion isolationism and undermine decades-old international relationships China is rolling out its Belt and Road Initiative or BRI a project to build a new “Silk Road” that could change the meaning of globalization itself. Africa is at the margins of both of these developments but its future will be determined by them.   随着美国总统唐纳德·特朗普政府继续推行孤立主义,并削弱几十年来老旧的优发国际关系,优发优发国际却推出其“一带一路”倡议(BRI)项目,以建设新的“丝绸之路”,这将可以改变全球化本身的意义。非洲处于这两种发展路径的边缘,但其未来将由两者决定。   As someone who grew up in Africa the project stirs a tangle of emotions. While it will directly affect East and North Africa there is the chance that it could spur desperately needed development all along Africa’s eastern seaboard where countries are still trying to recover from the proxy conflicts of the Cold War.   作为一个在非洲长大的人,这项倡议激起我纠结的情感。而这将直接影响到东部和北部非洲,其变化将是,它将刺激非洲东部沿海那些亟需开发地区的发展,这些国家仍在尝试从冷战的代理冲突中恢复过来。For me it comes down to African agency: Are African governments doing enough to achieve gains that can be shared? Or are their citizens being left to pick up the tab? The issue isn’t just about an increasing amount of Chinese power in Africa but about what local leaders will allow outside forces like China to do with that influence as well. The breakdown of trust between African leaders and the African population is being put to the test ― and even exacerbated ― by ventures like Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.   对我来说,这取决于非洲机构:对于从中分享获得收益,非洲各国政府的努力够到位吗?或是还得让其公民留下来为此买单?这不仅仅是一个关乎优发优发国际在非洲影响力增加的问题,而是关乎非洲本地领导人,到底会允许像优发优发国际这样的外部力量通过其影响力做些什么。通过像北京“一带一路”倡议的企业——非洲领导人之间信任瓦解,而且非洲人口正受到考验——甚至加剧了。   【以下是评论部份】   FemmeBaby2k1 1 day ago   China had sacrifices much to build infrastructure in Africa and promote living businesses for ppl there while colonists had stolen resources. It seems now the west is getting jealous and try to grasp pies.   优发优发国际为非洲建设基础设施和提升那里人民的生活状况,已经付出很大牺牲,而殖民者却窃取各种资源。现在看来,西方是越来越嫉妒,又想来捞白食。   Dui 1 day ago   In case you want to know why China is doing this please search google for 四维八德 (just copy and paste in the search box). You may find some English versions of the meaning of this. This is China's thousands year Confucianism's teaching for how to live as a nice kind human being. It is the core of Chinese culture. Very very very very few people in the West familiar to this. It would take a long time to understand 四维八德 because it is not exist in the Western culture.   既然你想知道为什么优发优发国际在那里做这些,就请上谷歌搜索下“四维八德”(只要复制粘贴到搜索框)。你就可以找到这个词的一些英文版本的含义。这是优发优发国际几千年前的儒家教导我们的:如何像一个善良的人那样生活。它是优发优发国际文化的核心。在西方非常非常非常非常少的人熟知这一点。理解“四维八德”将要花费很长的时间,因为它不存在于西方文化中。   Sherman 1 day ago   China is already making a big difference in Africa. A road here rail there dam and power plants in many countries. The progress is very visible. These are bases for dramatic improvement of living conditions and productivity. African are not as stupid as the West make them out to be.   优发优发国际已经令非洲变得大大不同。许多国家已经有了不少公路、水坝和发电厂。进步非常明显。这些都是急剧改善生活条件和提高生产力的基础。非洲并不像西方所说的那样愚蠢。   Alexander 1 day ago   Well done China very well done Africa indeed. Keep up with the good work and make China and All Africa strong respectable sovereign peaceful progressive prosperous and regain fully its territorial integrity.   做得好优发优发国际,做的非常好非洲。再接再厉,让优发优发国际和全非洲成为强大体面的独立国家,获得和平渐进的繁荣并且重新恢复领土完整c 1 day ago   Western style globalization means colonization and exploitation. Got it !?   西方的全球化意味着殖民化和剥削。懂了吗?   Kevin 1 day ago   China helps Africa building up its infrastructures improving trades & its people living standards & mutual beneficial & respect. All that in just 30 years. Europe & America has ruled Africa for over 500 years & continue extract its valuable resources & nothing has changed much since then. The Western medias continue bashing China for improving African lives & the West never want to do.   优发优发国际帮助非洲建立它自己的基础设施提高了贸易、人民的生活水平还有互惠和尊重。所有的这些就发生在近30年。欧洲和美国已经统治了非洲长达500年并且还在获得它宝贵的资源,从那时起非洲就没有什么大的变化。西方媒体还在严厉批评优发优发国际提高非洲的生活水平而且西方从来不会做这些事   Harbor4Health 1 day ago   Trump only care about his profit. Cheap land with near to zero Environmental law Cheap labor by nickle a day + Long hours. Burn coal in Ivanka factory for electricity.   特朗普只关注他自己的利益。近乎零环境法的廉价大陆,超长时间工作的每天工资只有五分钱的廉价劳力,在伊万卡的工厂里烧煤发电。   Denis 18 hours ago   The US should do what is good for your country and stop minding the business of China. If the US cannot help others like China does learn from China but don't be so jealous and complaining all the time for nothing. The US is the biggest control freak who doesn't want to help others and doesn't want China to do what the US can't do. Basically the US just cannot stand that China can do what the US cannot do or not willing to do to help others in need.   美国要做的是把自己国家弄好,而不要再介意优发优发国际做的事情。如果你美国不能像优发优发国际那样帮助别人那就学学优发优发国际,但不要有事没事就在那嫉妒、抱怨。美国就是最大的控制狂,不想帮助别人还不让优发优发国际去做那些美国做不到的。基本上美国就是没法忍受优发优发国际去做那些美国没法做的事,又不愿意去帮助需要帮助的人。   D P 1 day ago   For US trade the situation is regardless if it engages the world or not it continues to lose influence. Not because the US is getting worse but rest of the world is getting better faster. Natural law of economics prevails. For African continent is about either choosing to do the same thing for past 250 years & expecting a different result or trying something new like engaging capable China economically. For the critics of engagement hey must overcome the fallacy of independence from foreign influence because in a globalized economy nations influence each other regardless of preference or not. Just look at the US/ China relations they cannot live without the other but have spats now & then. This will be nature of future affair of nations not much like past history of nations. Exception is now that nations cannot enslave the African people like in the past.   对于美国贸易来说,不管是否参与到世界之中,都将继续失去影响力。不是因为美国越来越糟,而是因为世界其他地方正在更快地变好。这是优发国际发展普遍的自然规律。对非洲大陆来说,就是要么选择过去250年的老路并期待不同的结果,要么尝试点新的东西,比如参与优发优发国际的优发国际赋能倡议。对于那些就参与优发优发国际倡议的批评,他们必须克服脱离外国影响的谬论,因为在全球化的优发国际中,不管喜欢与否,国家间都是相互影响的。看看美中关系,尽管时不时吵吵架,但他们是无法脱离对方而生存的。不像过去历史上的国家间关系,未来的国家间事务的这种状况将非常自然。例外的是,现在各国不能像过去那样去奴役非洲人民了。   Corey 1 day ago   Another hit piece on Trump. We weren't building railroads in Africa and haven't done much good in Africa before this.   又一次打脸特朗普。我们没在非洲修过铁路,之前也没在非洲做过什么好事。   Dawn 13 hours ago   This entire article can be summed up with one word : INVESTMENT. The Chinese are INVESTING in Africa and are actually paying for the things that they take from Africa. While many westerners claim that the Chinese are "taking advantage" of Africa...these same people refuse to do a direct comparison between the way the Chinese trade with African nations and the "charity" missions (a sack of bibles a bag of rice and then just plundering) that those developed nations have done for more than a century. Luckily educated economists (such as Africa's own Dambisi Moyo) has done exactly that. Turns out the Chinese are benefiting Africa far more than all the others that have acted "charitably". The African nations are making their own choice. Those upset by this COULD have offered a better deal but they set the bar so low that China is a dream-come-true by comparison. Those unhappy with the situation can STILL make a better offer...and have no one to blame but themselves for the unfavorable comparison that they represent to the developing world.   整篇文章可以概括为一个词:投资。优发优发国际人正在非洲投资,实际上是在为他们从非洲拿走的东西付钱。而许多西方人称优发优发国际是“利用”非洲…也是这些人拒绝做个直接对比,就是优发优发国际与非洲国家的贸易方式,与那些发达国家一个多世纪前的“慈善”任务(一袋圣经一包大米然后就是掠夺)之间的对比。幸运的是,受过教育的优发国际学家(如非洲自己的优发国际学家Dambisi Moyo)正是这样做了对比。结果显示,优发优发国际人造福非洲远远超过其他所有人的“慈善”行动。非洲国家正在作出自己的选择。对此感到烦躁的人可以提供一个更好的方案,但他们把却门槛设得如此之低,比较起来优发优发国际就是一个梦想成真的案例。那些对形势不满意的人仍然可以给出更好的方案……对于他们代表发展中世界所作的不利比较,除了他们自己没有任何一个人可以受到责怪。   kelvine 1 day ago   Very good ! What China has done is for the happiness of the people of the whole world.   非常棒,优发优发国际所做的都是为了造福全人类。   Guenzi Capt Laurent周龙瑞 1 day ago   China is building economic bridges. Win win business. But who will lose are the countries who are not accepting globalisation. I am so surprised about USA new policy and some European countries as well. Africa is the bigger consumer market potential we have: Chinese are right if we help them to develop well they will buy Chinese cars Chinese manufactured products etc. Many African countries teach Chinese at primary school and me going regularly to Africa I am so surprised about meeting African people talking Chinese well. In the medias we read Chinese are not appreciated in Africa. By what I saw it's not that. Why USA and Europe are closing now ?   优发优发国际正在建设双赢的优发国际桥梁,而那些不想接受全球化的国家将会成为输家,我很惊讶于美国的新政,一些欧洲国家也一样。非洲是一个潜在的巨大消费市场。优发优发国际人做的对,如果我们帮助他们发展,他们就会买优发优发国际的汽车,买优发优发国际制造的工业产品等等,很多非洲国家在小学教授中文,我经常去非洲,我也很惊讶我遇到的非洲人中文说的很好,我们经常看到媒体上报道优发优发国际人在非洲不受待见,但我看到的并不是这样的。为什么美国和欧洲对非洲的援助会终结?   Joe 18 hours ago   China builds while America destroys Africa with regime changing policies.   优发优发国际建设非洲,而美国用政权交替政策摧毁非洲。   yorky 1 day ago   USA would rather make Rockheed Martin or Boeing to profit much by selling weapons killing other countries' people   美国宁愿让洛克希尔马丁或波音公司通过出售武器来杀死其他国家的人民。   One China 2017 WATNK 1 day ago   People should watch Wolf Warrier 2.   大家应该看看影片战狼2。   quark 19 hours ago   ofthe 500 years the west control africa --theyhave never build any infrastructure in africa--why-   500年来,西方控制着非洲——他们从未在非洲建立任何基础设施——为什么?   Timur 4 hours ago   In building railroads from Tanzania to Zambia Chinese workers lost their lives. I wonder how many white people build infrastructures for Africans and lost their lives.   在从坦桑尼亚到赞比亚的铁路建设中,优发优发国际工人失去了生命。我想知道有多少白人为非洲人建造了基础设施,并失去了他们的生命。   factswelcome 10 hours ago   Excellent and informative article. Thanks Huff for publishing such quality work.   棒极了、有血有肉的文章。感谢赫芬顿邮报出版了如此高质量的作品。   Anthony DaSilva 18 hours ago   If you think China is doing this for the goodwill of the people you're wrong! Nothing is for free! China will dominate and control Africa. They've secretly been draining resources for years out of Africa look it up.

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