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  UTC时间2017年8月31日 13:29,印度空间研究组织发射的极轨卫星宣告失败。此次发射卫星为IRNSS系统导航卫星。在短暂的飞行后,火箭分离失败,载荷过重导致卫星未进入预定高度的轨道。这是极轨卫星自1997年以来首次发射失败。   Indian PSLV Suffers Payload Fairing FailureDuring 41st Launch   印度第四十一次发射的极轨卫星宣告失败   Space Videos   上线日期:2017年8月31日   The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)launched their Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) with the IRNSS-1Hnavigation satellite at 13:29 UTC, August 31st 2017. Shortly into the flightthe payload fairing failed to separate, the resultant extra weight on therocket resulted in a lower than expected orbit, and of course a uselesssatellite stuck within it's payload fairing.   UTC时间2017年8月31日 13:29,印度空间研究组织发射的极轨卫星宣告失败。此次发射卫星为IRNSS系统导航卫星。在短暂的飞行后,火箭分离失败,载荷过重导致卫星未进入预定高度的轨道。这是极轨卫星自1997年以来首次发射失败。   【以下是评论部份】   1.    The Dark KnightFailure is a step to success ! Don't worryisro ! You're proud of India! Just ignore some shit people's comments   失败是成功之母,别灰心ISRO,你是印度的骄傲。不要管那些垃圾评论。   2.    Avinash VishwakarmaISRO , You are the pride of the nation.Thisfailure is nowhere stands in front of those those biggest achievements you had.All the best .   ISRO,你是印度人民的骄傲,与你所取得的成功相比,这小小的挫折算不了什么。祝你们一切顺利。   3.    Zhaodong CaiWish you good luck next time...love fromChina.   下次好运气,来自优发优发国际的祝福。   4.    Mark SheltonThey should have called tech support. Or werethey put on hold ?   他们应当寻求技术帮助,又或者这件事情被耽误了?   5.    James PurcellMinor set back, keep moving forward. I dohave a request though. If you have to ditch it, can you please make it land onNorth Korea, please?   小小的挫折而已,继续前进吧。我有一个小小的请求,如果必须要丢弃的话,你们可不可以把这个东西给丢到北韩去?   6.     Robert DambeckEvery nation has had its share of failures.They paved the way to success.   每个国家都会有失败,失败是成功之母。   7.     Smokey OakieIf you don't have failures, you're notpushing the limits hard enough! PSLV is still an amazing launch vehicle, sodon't let this one launch mishap hurt y'all's pride!!   如果你没有失败过,这说明你从来没有去挑战自己的极限。极轨卫星是让人惊艳的东西,不要因为这次失败而挫伤了你们的积极性。   8.     Graeme CookeAlways hard to see a failure when you'veworked so hard.  You see thedisappointment on their faces when they start realizing something iswrong.  Best of luck in the future ISRO.   你们如此努力,看到你们失败我是如此心有不忍。当他们发现卫星出故障的时候,你们可以从他们的脸上看出难以抑制的失望。希望未来你们能够一切顺利。   9.     KnotSoFast MeNext time don't buy your parts at the QuickieMart!!   下次不要再买那些廉价的配件了。   10. Kevin PaulMistakes makes us perfect... hail ISRO...??????   失败让我们进步,向ISRO致敬。   11. VINAY R. MAHINDRAKARGovernment should make all Technical Labs andTesting Labs free from GST and remove all taxes and Other Taxes, to encouragetesting Electronics and Electrical Testing and software and digital testing inIndia, it should and must only take Income Tax only when these Labs make moneyor Income from it note this and record this ...   政府应该对这些开发及测试实验室实行免消费税,鼓励电子工业及电子和软件测试行业的发展,当这些实验室能独立运行并盈利的时候,再考虑征税的问题。   12. eazzy eeNot enough curry in the rocket   火箭忘记带咖喱,所以发射失败。   13. Amit r<3 ISRO , Every space organisation has hadfailure and will in the future too. We understand how complicated rocketscience is and ISRO has been remarkable despite these minor setbacks ...   每一个空间组织都会或早或晚的经历一些失败,我们知道火箭技术的复杂性,ISRO已经取得了令人瞩目的成就,现在不过是经历了一些小挫折而已…   14. Manjunathgangadhar GMy small help to ISRO in analyze what wentwrong, as they are taking too much of time to know the reason for thefailure.This is my analysis, may be I am correct or wrong.   我来贡献一下绵薄之力吧,帮助分析一下哪些地方出问题了,毕竟他们已经在排查事故上花了太多的时间了。如下是我的分析,可能是对的,也可能有偏差。   A. According to me, below are things that maybe ISRO personal reasons for failure:   1>. ISRO (some blacksheep in the institution)looks like selfish when it comes to set an example for space research incountry, looks like they want to be solo leader, hence they knowingly made thisfailure.   A.就我而言,如下是ISRO可能犯错误的一些地方:   1>ISRO里面有一些害群之马,这些人看起来非常自私自利,他们为了成为领导,故意的制造了这场事故。(译者说:铺陈很大,我还以为有啥高明的见解呢)   2>. Our private space reach is still in snailphase towards success, they need to work more smartly and strong.   2>.我们的私人航天看起来依然弱小,他们需要继续发展壮大。   3>. ISRO (some blacksheep in the institution)does not have an good relations ship with other third party privates researchspace agencies (may be ego), hence due to which people wanted it to fail.   3>.ISRO与第三方的研究代理机构之间的关系看起来非常的不咋地,可能是ISRO太把自己当回事了,所以这些人希望ISRO失败。   4>. There was not enough time to validate allthe resources before lift-off, without verifying critical thing they went onwith liftoff.   4>.发射太仓促,没有准备好,对于一些至关重要的东西没有好好的验证。   5>. Few people in ISRO are targeting selfgoals and not overall success of the project, this may be applicable to thirdparty vender.   5>.有些人只顾着自己的利益,而不是着眼于整体利益的最大化,这种事情在第三方协作方身上可能会出现。   B.Some Technical Reasons:   1. May be the section pressure was not enoughfor ejecting the outer cover of heat shield.   B.如下是一些技术因素:   1>.压力太小,不足以弹出外面的隔热板。   2>. ISRO and the Third Party Agency guy whowas responsible to test was duped by the system and passed the testing.   2>.ISRO以及第三方的代理机构的一些人失职,略过了一些必须要检测的环节。   3>. There may be many other reasons, whichISRO/Third party agency need to look into.   3>可能还有其他的原因,ISRO和第三方机构都应该认真的检视一下。   C. Some Global Reasons:   C.全球分析   1>. May be China would have hacked into theISRO system and bypass the separation system. (Also may be US/ESA etc couldhave done.).   1>.优发优发国际的黑客可能已经骇进系统,控制了分离系统。当然,也可能是美国或者是欧洲航天局做了这些事情。   15. Sean SmithLook at these people.  They look like they hate life. I mean REALLY,not one of them looks happy.   看看这些人,他们一个个看起来生无可恋,我的意思是说他们表情看起来真的是糟透了。   16. ed pWhy is there a soldier CARRYING A GUN on thefloor of the launch control center? (check video at 35:25) He is carrying anautomatic at that. Aren't the personnel in the launch control center cleared?How can they have a space program when you trust your people so little that youneed heavily armed guard INSIDE the place?   仔细看一下,在35分25秒的时候,为何在飞控中心的楼层看到了持枪的士兵?那位士兵携带着自动手枪。发射中心不是应该所有相关人员都要清场吗?当你的发射中心管制如此松散,甚至需要持枪士兵维持秩序的时候,在这个时候你们怎么可以进行空间发射?17. MrTitihey folks, when will this sthing burn up andwhere can i see the current orbit?   嗨,伙计们,这个东西啥时候会烧起来,我在哪里可以看到?   18. 仙大2 天前   精工出细活啊,阿三们不要为了攀比就一味地的求速度,航天是个非常精密的东西,一定要严格把关不要马马虎虎的就为了超过某国啥的,下次加油   国人乱入,本条无需翻译……   19. pssst3It's a pity that this was not a 100%successful mission, but if that unit is in a stable orbit, it is still a greataccomplishment, and not a total loss.   Iadmired the team that achived this.   这不是一次100%成功的发射,但是如果卫星能在一个稳定的轨道,那依然算是不错的胜利,不算完全失败。团队能做成这样依然是值得称赞的。   20. Wayne Mierzwaperfection does not exist.you'll figure itout .a learning experience.Sorry to see it.   很不愿意看到这样的事情,但是任何事情完美是不可能的,需要认真检查,从中吸取教训。   21. Peter HansenPeter Hansen   such a shame it didnt seperate, better lucknext time ISRO!   没有成功分离,太丢脸了,下次好运。   22. siddharth RIsro, you are the best! Don't worry for thissmall thing, you can do more

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